Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Stop Nursing Violence

This is such an important issue that I am posting it on each of my blogs. Go to my "A Nurse Attorney's Thoughts" to read my post on horizontal violence where I discuss "nurses eat their young."

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Changes for the Texas BON

This was sent by the Board to the Workforce Commission:

Fiscal Year 2007-2011 Workforce Plan

D. Anticipated Changes to the Mission, Strategies and Goals over the
next Five Years
The BNE is currently under Sunset Review in this biennium. We anticipate
changes in our mission to include regulating Certified Nurse Aides. We also
anticipate moving towards a “semi-independent” agency status. We see
changes in how we approve nursing schools by increased reliance on outside
accrediting entities. We have implemented some strategies to go “paperless” by
using available technology and plan to implement additional strategies in the
future. We anticipate the continuing education process to evolve into a
continued competency model to include portfolios and practice targeted

I do not know what "semi-independent" agency status means, but I thought it was interesting that there is a plan to regulate CNAs. I am worried about the continuing education plans because I have heard complaints from nurses in other states that have practice requirements. I do not know what "portfolios" means.

What do you think?