Thursday, April 10, 2008

It Is Nice For A Change

At the next Texas Board of Nursing meeting, the Board staff is requesting the following according to the agenda for that meeting:

That the Board reduce the renewal fees for Registered Nurses from $67 to $65 and and for Vocational Nurses from $58 to $55 due to a $4.75 reduction in the fee for an FBI
fingerprint-based criminal background check and the increased income from a higher number of RNs and LVNs renewing their licenses. Any excess funds collected from licensees go into the general revenue fund (which means that the excess money goes to the general fund for Texas for all agencies to use and that the excess money cannot be used by the Board of Nursing although they would raise it).

It is nice for a change for the government to try to save us money rather than always taking money from us. Hopefully this rule change will be approved.