Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Texas Board of Nursing Agreed Orders-a Recent Problem

I am not sure why this year I have seen a huge increase is nurses contacting me soon after they have signed an Agreed Order with the Texas BON wanting the Order changed or removed.  Most of these nurses were not represented by an attorney, but there were also a few who were represented by an attorney who did not regularly represent nurses before the Board.  It is important to realize that an Agreed Order is a settlement agreement or contract between the Board and the nurse.  Like other agreements/contracts in life, the time to negotiate and question the Order is prior to signing.  It is very difficult to obtain a change in an Order and if that request occurs soon after signing, the likelihood of success is decreased immensely.

 Some of the nurses explained the reason they signed was the pressure the investigator was placing on them to sign.  Once again, an attorney can help with this by inserting themselves into the communication with the Board and freeing the nurse up to work and not having to stress over the Board.  A good lawyer will keep you informed of what is happening and also provides you with copies of all documents from and to the Board.  The attorney should also obtain approval for all agreements with the Board.

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